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Lyn=me Lyn-ly
I'm a cookie which is born out of a dough, and was being sent into an oven. My mother made me a chocolate cookie so that people would like me. I'm delicious, people liked me alot. But my destiny is very cruel. I found out that i'm born to be eaten. I'm helpless and afraid. But when i knew that i will bring people's happiness, i'm not that scared already. So i decided to sacrifice myself to make people happy. Cause i know i'm the best.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Long time no c. Ok that was rather sudden. Well, a quiz taken from Huilin.=D

Random Questions About You.

Spell your name without vowels.
LYNG lol it's like my nick xD

What color do you wear most?
White . Black . Grey .

Colour that you hate the most?
Orange & the international gay colour. And probably green too.

Favorite color?
Blue, black, white, grey, sometimes light pink and hot pink. And, ya.
What are you listening to?
My father's radio in his rm and my bro's off-tune and trot-like singing in his rm.

Are you happy with your life right now?
Maybe . Sometimes .

When do you go back to school/college?
The day after tomorrow

Can you dance? = Yes .
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth? = I hate cherries .
Can you whistle? = Yes , with a whistle .
Write with both hands? = Yes if illegible handwriting is counted .
Walk with your toes curled? = DUH .

Have you ever been on a plane? = Yes -.-
Have you ever asked someone out? = OBVIOUSLY YES LARH.
Have you ever been to the ocean? = Yes.
Have you ever painted your nails? = Yes . It's part of a young mind's curiosity.

What is the temperature outside? = You don't need to know.
What radio station do you listen to? = I forgot.
What was the last thing you bought? = I forgot.

Who was the last person with you in a recent picture? = Everyone in DS =D
Who was the last person you said "I love you" to? = I don't know.
Who was the last person you physically hurt? = I forgot.

Ever really cried your heart out? = Yes. Welcome to the real world, humans =D
Ever cried yourself to sleep? = Yes.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder? = No.
Ever cried over the opposite sex? = Kinda.
Do you cry when you get an injury? = When I was young
Do certain songs make you cry? = Yes.

Are you a happy person? = Sometimes .
What can make you happy? = Food =D. People =D. Sleeping. Takumi :D
Do you wish you were happier? = Yes.
Can music make you happy? = Yes.

What is your current hair colour ? = Black . A little brown.
Have any tattoos? = No and never will .
Eye color? = Dark brown . I'm an Asian , dude .
Favorite eye color = My eye colour or blue
Height = You don't need to know.
Best clothing = Anything that I think it looks nice .

Been to jail = If I did , I wouldn't be smiling .
Laughed so hard you cried = Yes , DUH .
Cried in school = Yes .
Thrown up in a store = No .
Done something really stupid that you still laugh at today = Yarh .

Soda or Juice = Juice. But only hand-squashed ones.
McDonald's or Burger king = McDonalds !
Single or Group Dates = WHY WOULD I CARE ?
Chocolate or Vanilla = Chocolate .
Strawberries or Blueberries = Strawberries. STRAWBERRY BUBBLE TEA <3
Meat or Veggies = Meat. Is. Awesome.
TV or Movie = Movies has bigger screens
Guitar or Drums? = Guitar.

That's THE end of it. Place emphasis on THE.
How many times have you had your heart broken? = No. Wait, maybe.
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them? = No.
Do you believe there is life on other planets? = YES.
Do you believe in miracles? = Maybe.
Do you believe in magic? = No.
Love at first sight? = Yes.
Do you believe in Satan? = Who's that ?
Do you believe in Santa? = No. I don't have a chimney.
Do you know how to swim? = Yes.
Do you like roller coasters? = Kinda.
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows? = Never.
Least favorite color?

Are you outgoing?
Maybe .

Favorite pair of shoes?

Where do you wish you were right now?
Beside Takumi.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

 Yerr Yerr Yerr! Here's a quizzz~ Bold the ones that apply to you.

I believe in love at first sight. I don’t kill bugs. I’ve failed a test. I’ve seen a shooting star. I have brown eyes. I like to sleep. I don’t take compliments well. I love Winnie the Pooh. I own a lot of DVDs. I couldn’t live without music. I’m scared of snakes. I’m not allergic to anything. I like apples. I’ve been on a plane. I’m more of a talker than a listener. I have siblings. I’m a perfectionist. I wish my life was a musical. My ears are pierced. I like techno music. I think I’m a good person. I’ve had surgery. I bite my nails. I like sunny days. I watch Hannah Montana. I don’t like chocolate. I’m a health freak. I’ve been kissed in the rain. I love to dress up. I like neon colors. I believe in God. I read fanfiction. My razor is blue. I own a lot of stuffed animals. I’ve had sex on the first date. I’ve seen the Northern Lights. My toenails are painted. I’ve been in love. I always do my homework. I’ve had a crush on someone of the same gender. I’ve cried myself to sleep before. I can speak more than three languages. I’ve accidentally caught something on fire. My toothbrush is green. I’ve laughed out loud today. I’m a student. I’ve smoked weed. I can do the splits. I drink coffee. I have a driver’s licence. I have dated my best friend’s ex. I am currently in my pajamas. I would rather swim in the ocean than a lake. I cry easily. I’ve been told I’m attractive by a complete stranger. I’ve been called a slut. I have scars. I love my friends. I’ve had braces. I’m online 24/7. I like sushi. I live in a small town. I often hide my emotions. I have read a Jane Austen novel. I have long hair. I love to shop. I like being the center of attention. I’ve seen my favorite movie more than ten times. I’m sarcastic. I’m picky about grammar. I am a morning person. I’ve been to Africa. I’ve hugged a stranger. I worry too much. I read the labels on the shampoo bottle. I’m wearing a black shirt. I’m an excellent cook. I love scary movies. I have been to over five countries. I’m a dreamer. I have freckles. I am currently in a relationship. My favorite song makes me cry. I use “lol” in real-life conversations. I am shy around the opposite sex. I went to camp as a kid. I have gotten stitches. I’ve fallen asleep in class. I like pizza. I would consider living abroad. I love Disney movies. I have a tattoo. I’ve run a red light. I wear contact lenses. I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed. My biological parents are still together. I have more than two piercings. I open up to others too easily. I’ve consumed alcohol. I am left-handed. I’ve had a crush on someone of the opposite gender. I’ve skipped an entire day of school. I believe in ghosts. I’ve been skiing. I’m addicted to Facebook. I feel strongly about equal rights. I shower every day. I can play a musical instrument. I am happy with my life. I have been cheated on. I have danced in the rain. I would rather take the picture than be in the picture. My days are fast-paced. I sleep on my side. II am a television addict. I’ve kissed someone and regretted it. I believe in Santa Claus. I have many regrets. I read for fun. I’ve participated in a snowball fight. I’ve been in a play. I nap a lot. I have low self-esteem. I’m good at remembering faces. I have ran into a glass/screen door. I use my fingers to do simple math. I bite my lip when I’m nervous. I have a good singing voice. I swear a lot. I’ve been in a fist fight. I’ve had my heart broken. I’m prone to getting colds. I have betrayed a friend. I’m stubborn. I wish I could fly. I have had a dream come true. I believe in myself. can’t dive without plugging my nose.

Monday, May 31, 2010

I feel like joining... Haiix but i think not after all. <-- No Talent

RV Talentime 2010  

If you think you can sing, dance or play an instrument well, this is the time for you to showcase your talent to the school. You may simply walk away with attractive cash prizes!

Here are the important information that you have to take note of:

Registration Period
1. Students may register for this competition from 1 June to 9 July 2010.

Preliminary Round
1. Prelim round will be held on 28 and 29 July (Wednesday & Thursday), from 2:30pm to 6:30pm at Music Room.

Grand Finals 

1. The first round of the Grand Finals will be held on 15 August (Sunday), 7pm at RVHS Auditorium, in conjunction with the AYLC 2010 hosted by the School.
2. The second round of the Grand Finals will be held on 20 August (Friday), 7:30pm at RVHS Auditorium. This event will be ticketed and all RVHS students and teachers are welcome to attend.
Competition Categories
There will be four (4) categories for students to compete in:
1. Singing (Solo)
2. Singing (Group)
3. Dance
4. Instrumental Playing


In each category, the following prizes will be awarded to the winners:
Champion: Trophy + $300 cash
1st Runner-up: Trophy + $200 cash
2nd Runner-up: Trophy + $100 cash
Consolation Prizes: Trophy

For more information on RV Talentime, please refer to the detailed instruction posted in the module.

  2010 RV Talentime - Important Info for Students (26 May 10).doc (42 KB)

Joke 3 =D
Friday, May 21, 2010

This is so damn true xD
When she is 18 - she is a football, 22 men going after her.

When she is 28 - she is a hockey ball, 8 men going after her.

When she is 38 - she is a golf ball, 1 man hitting her.

When she is 48 - she is a pingpong ball, 2 men pushing to each other.

Joke 2 =D

Another damn zai joke xD

Ah Beng's Job Interview
Ah Beng went for an job interview for a sales job. When the manager saw Ah Beng's colourful attire, his mind screamed, "Not this man!!"

Nevertheless he still had to entertain Ah Beng. So he told Ah Beng, "If you can form a sentence using the words I give you, then I will give you a chance!"

"The words are "Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue, White, Purple, Black".

Ah Beng thought for a while and said "I heard the phone go green, green, and then I went to pink up the phone and said Yellow. Blue's that? White did you say? Aiyah, wrong number. Don't purplely disturb people and don't call Black, ok?"

Ah Beng got the job.

Joke =D

A Super zai joke obtained from Flying Squirrel. xD

Dear Ah Beng, 

Beng ah Beng, I also want to be an Ah Beng. Everyday sit kopi tiam, put leg on chair, smoke and drink. Some more always hang out in shopping centre, got char bor. Most important, no need to study. Can tell me which gang to join? If you tell me, I sure get all my kakis to join.


Ah Beng replies...

Dear Recruit,

Nin nao hiah! You think be Ah Beng so easy, ah? Must study one, you know! Got a lot of rules. You think you can anyhow go Queensway and get tattoo, ah? Wait you get the wrong tattoo, and some other gang see you, sure kena hoot upside down! And what, you think so easy grow long last fingernail? Got regulation one, leh! We use it to dig ear... if too long or sharp, can burst your eardrum!

And what, you think we just KLKK around the shopping centre cho boh lan and sian char bor? You think char bor attracted to Ah Bengs, ah? Acherly, they are our accomplices, and we are all there to shoplift or kuah chui (keep a lookout)! You think be Ah Beng is hobby, is it? It's a profession!

My gang is earning so much revenue, ! heard Singapore Technologies also wants to form a GLG (government-linked gang) to come into the market. So join a gang only if you're serious. In fact, join a gang only if your studies are damn tok kong.

We do'wan any old samseng nowsaday, leh! You just want to relac one corner in a kopi tiam, then be a kopi kiah. So once you wake up your idea, you can come down to No. 6969 Geylang Lorong 69 for an interview with us at the Chap Sar Tiam Secret Society. Bring your 'O' Level cert.

Ah Beng

Horrible Restaurant.
Monday, May 17, 2010

Rant on This horrible restaurant. YES, this is the Old Town White Coffee shop in JP. I'm telling you, NEVER EVER EAT AT THIS RESTAURANT.

The food there was like utterly suckish... You know the chilli they made it was so oily. You can see the oil OOZING out of the chilli like it's a puddle of Toot. The chicken was not hot either. In fact, I bet it was cooked long long time ago before they served.
Up next, the UNFORGETTABLE LEMON TEA. HAHA, you even call it lemon tea? Is it even lemon tea? It's practically flooded with seeds and I almost choked to death. You see the number of seeds in the Tea.

Of course, not forgetting the COWPOOP SERVICE. So, the service person decided to wait till my bro and I finished my meal before my dad's meal was served. It was not like my dad didn't kindly remind them 3 times or so. Thus, there is no quality service, nor good food.

Super Junior(슈퍼주니어)_미인아_뮤직비디오(MusicVideo)
Saturday, May 15, 2010

After 3 months...

This is like 3 months after my last post...

So, I realised that my results were !@%$#^*&#^ in Term 1 and decided to work hard for Term 2.

And, I got a pretty nice improvement ^.^

Science Class Test 1 - 29.5/35

Maths Test - 23/25

Geography Test - 35.5/40

Chinese Cheng Yu Test - 30/30


AND YERRRR!!! I learnt River Flows in You !! 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I am trying to learn Mirotic now... So freakin hard.